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Carl Johan Grimmark


1996- Narnia - guitars, keyboards  
2001- Saviour Machine - guitars  
2004- Rob Rock - guitars  
2005- Planet Alliance - guitars  
2006- Beautiful Sin - guitars  
2007- Grimmark - vocals, guitars  
2009-2011 Full Force Inc - guitars  

Studio musician

2020 The Waymaker - guitars  

Guest musician

2004 Divinefire - guitars  
2005 Divinefire - guitars  
2012 Germán Pascual - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 14.10.1977


Carl Johan Grimmark is a Christian guitarist born in Gothenburg, Sweden October 14, 1977. He has appeared with several influential Christian metal bands including Narnia, Saviour Machine, and Rob Rock. He recently joined the band Beautiful Sin in 2006. He also has been a special guest guitarist on fellow Narnia bandmate Christian Liljegren's side projects Divinefire and Audiovision. He recently recorded his debut solo album that is set to be titled Grimmark, where he also handles the lead vocals. Grimmark's style of playing, especially on Narnia's earlier work, is often compared to the neo-classical metal stylings of Yngwie Malmsteen[1], or under a more broad genre, neo-classicism.

Grimmark is the main composer in Narnia, and on their album The Great Fall most of the lyrics were written by him. On their other albums the lyrics have been written by their vocalist Christian Liljegren. Grimmark is also given credits as a producer on several of Narnia's albums.

Grimmark has become a highly acclaimed guitarist in the Christian hard rock music genre as more people are exposed to his solid technical abilities, which can be exemplified by the fact that he is credited for playing every instrument on Narnia's first album, Awakening, and his unique approach towards incorporating a neo-classical sound into his music.