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Abominable Putridity

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Country: Russia
Label: Unique Leader Records

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Formed in: 2003

2003-Brutal death metal


2003-2020  Koubiachvili "Alex" Alexander - drums
› 2020-  -//- all instruments
2020-  Angel Ochoa - vocals
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2003-2006  Pavel (II) - guitars
2004-2006  Sergey Levochkin - guitars
2004-2006  Nikita (II) - bass
2004-2009  Vladimir Korolenko - vocals
2006-2009  Serg - guitars
2006-2020  Sergey Balayan - guitars
2006-2020  Audrey Kuklin - bass
2009  Cameron Argon - vocals
2009-2020  Matti Way - vocals
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You may not have been willing to wait for Alexi Murdoch, but you'd be a motherfucker to act like you forgot about Abominable Putridity.
Review by Troy Killjoy ››
Assuming the majority of users here were unaware of In the End of Human Existence being released back in 2007, I'm going to tell you right now that this album is hands-down the top slam death album of the year. I'll be mighty surprised if this opinion changes come January 2013.
Review by Troy Killjoy ››

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