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1996-  Greg Anderson - guitars
1996-  Pete Stahl - vocals
1996-  Greg Rogers - drums
2015-  Scott Renner - bass
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1996-2000  Guy Pinhas - bass
› 2010-2015  -//-
2000-2001  G. Stuart Dahlquist - bass
2004  John-Robert Conners - drums
2004  Scott Reeder - bass
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2015  David Pajo - acoustic guitar
2015  Mathias Schneeberger - piano
2015  Petra Haden - violin, vocals
2015  Wendy Moten - backing vocals
2015  Gale Mayes - backing vocals
2015  Andrea Merrit - backing vocals

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In the long history of bands who have risen back up after a long silence with a new album, we've come to have a small group of successful comebacks, and a whole mountain of shitty ones. Thankfully, this year, Goatsnake are sitting quite nicely in the former territory with Black Age Blues.
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