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1993-  Protector - guitars, keyboards, vocals
1993-  Silenius - bass, keyboards, vocals
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1993-1995  Trifixion - drums
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1999  Tania Borsky - vocals
1993-1995  Pazuzu - vocals
2006  Julia Wukovits - flute
2013  Erika Szücs - elvish vocals, black speech
› 2018  -//- choir vocals

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Summoning claim to come with doom, but it's still synthy atmospheric black metal, not doom metal. While that would be an interesting turn of events, you cannot blame Summoning for sticking to the formula. You could, however, blame them for the godawful production on this album.   Review by RaduP ››
Rejoice, my metal brethren and fellow LOTR enthusiasts! Earendil has persuaded the Valar with his Silmaril to make war upon Morgoth for the sake of Middle Earth, casting him beyond the Door Of Night into The Void for all eternity (yeah, that was added...   Review by Apothecary ››

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