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Born Of Osiris

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Also known as DiminisheD ('03-'04), YourHeartEngraved ('04-'06), Rosecrance ('06-'07)

Country: USA
Label: Sumerian Records

Links: Official Website

Formed in: 2003

2006-Progressive deathcore


2003-  Ronnie Canizaro - vocals
2003-  Lee Mckinney - guitars
2003-  Cameron Losh - drums
2003-  Joe Buras - keyboards, vocals
2018-  Nick Rossi - bass
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2007-2008  Matthew C. Pantelis - guitars
2007-2018  David Da Rocha - bass
2009-2012  Jason R. Richardson - guitars
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2008-2009  Lee Evans - guitars
› 2012-2013  -//-
2009  Tosin Abasi - guitars

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If you strongly believe deathcore isn't worth a damn, well congratufuckinglations, you're officially a total tool who doesn't know what's good for him. Here's how the rest of the "I hate deathcore because I'm a wuss"-scenario plays out: soon you become the laughing stock of your friends (even the ones you made up), your loving mommy and daddy think you're a disgrace and kick your ass out of the house and eventually you end up being that weird guy in the subway who does headbanging tricks for a nickel. All this because you refused to listen to some hq deathcore shit... like Born Of Osiris' latest.
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