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2004-  David Sanchez - guitars, vocals
2010-  Reece Alan Scruggs - guitars, backing vocals
2010-  Pete Webber - drums
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2004-2006  Haakon Sjoegren - drums
2004-2006  Marcus Corich - bass
2004-2010  Shawn Tyler Chavez - guitars
2006-2007  Richie Tice - drums
2007-2009  Ryan Bloom - drums
2008-2013  Jesse De Los Santos - bass, backing vocals
2009-2010  Scott "Scotty" Fuller - drums
2013-2015  Mike Leon - bass
2015-2019  Nick Schendzielos - bass
2020-2021  Brandon Bruce - bass
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2005-2007  Tyler Cantrell - bass
2006-2008  Justin Cantrell - bass
2014  Marshall Wieczorek - drums
2014  Dan Gargiulo - guitars
2014  Todd Stern - guitars
2024-  Alan Cassidy - drums
2020  Jack Gibson - additional vocals

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One of the leading lights in the thrash revival scene, Denver's Havok have rode their talents to the tip of the resurgent wave of thrash. Following up on 2017's mis-fire Conformicide is V, a return to form of sorts, but not the return to their...
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Stepping out of line off of a cliff.
Review by omne metallum ››
The media usually dubs a third album release as the "make it, or break it" point in a bands career. Havok's third album Unnatural Selection won't do either of those. A quote, albeit modified, by the great Doc Godin in regards to their prior album (Time Is Up) might explain some of the difficulties I had while reviewing their latest piece.
Review by D.T. Metal ››

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