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The Howling Void

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Country: USA
Label: Funere

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Formed in: 2007

2007-Funeral doom metal
2007-Symphonic doom metal
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2007-  Ryan Wilson - all instruments, vocals

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Funeral doom is a pretty hard genre to get into, with its lethargic paces and long-form songwriting. A lot of the funeral doom I've found the most engaging were the ones that made it crushing and sprinkled it with black or death doom metal. But The Howling Void go on a completely different route.
Review by RaduP ››
The Howling Void is self-described as, "Glacial meditations on the Mysteries, in the form of vast, funereal soundscapes." I usually find their music vast and warm instead of vast and icy, but "glacial" is nonetheless adequate for me, as it captures the slow moving pace as well as the epically large structure.
Review by Susan ››
This album came to me labeled "symphonic funeral doom" and my interest was piqued: it's not every day that you see those two genres cozied up together.
Review by Susan ››

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