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Also known as Sowat (1995-1999)

Country: France
Label: Kscope Music

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Formed in: 1999

1999-Alternative metal
1999-Progressive metal
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1995-  Guillaume Bernard - guitars
1999-  Matthieu Metzger - keyboards, saxophone
2004-  Yann Ligner - vocals
2006-  Jean Etienne Maillard - bass
2007-  Florent Marcadet - drums
2012-  Aldrick Guadagnino - guitars
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1999-2003  Julien Comte - bass
1999-2004  David Ledoux - vocals
1999-2007  Laurent Thomas - drums
1999-2011  Mika Moreau - guitars
2004-2006  Hugues Andriot - bass
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2011  Nicolas Amossé - guitars
2013  Julian Gretz - bass
2013  Morgan Berthet - drums
2008  Joseph "Joe" Duplantier - vocals
2012  Doug Pinnick - additional vocals

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Who would've thought that the great gig in the sky was actually a bear all along?
Review by RaduP ››
By now Klone has a defined identity of its own, and the Tool collage argument doesn't make sense anymore. At this point, the band seems more interested in expanding their sound and taking full command of the songs. And as far as titles go, The Dreamer's...
Review by BloodTears ››
Here's an album you'll be seeing on many "Top" lists for 2010. I see Klone called prog sometimes, and though Black Days is some groovy, gritty metal music done in a progressive way this isn't exactly "prog" as some might...
Review by Susan ››

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