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Country: USA

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Formed in: 1997
Disbanded in: 2010

1997-2000Atmospheric sludge metal
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1997-2010  Aaron Turner - guitars, vocals
1997-2010  Michael Gallagher - guitars
1997-2010  Jeff Caxide - bass
1997-2010  Aaron Harris - drums
2000-2010  Bryant Clifford Meyer - electronics, guitars
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1997-1999  Chris Mereschuk - keyboards
1999-2000  James "Jay" Randall - electronics
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2004  Justin Chancellor - bass
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2006  Caleb Scofield - vocals
2009  Adam Jones - guitars, keyboards

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Most of the albums I review come with an info sheet with the biography, the album data and some other careless things; but when I opened the envelop that contained this CD I saw more than the classic leaf, there was a whole Article/Interview with Aaron...
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I don't know how to react after hearing Oceanic. I feel relaxed and even doped as this album is really a huge and weird trip to another rare world. A band that mixes noisecore with ambient passages and is just marvelous (or weird, it depends on your...
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