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2001-  Juho Niemelä - bass, vocals
2001-  Markus Myllykangas - guitars, vocals
2001-  Ariel Björklund - drums
2005-  Arto Karvonen - keyboards
2006-  Jani Ala-Hukkala - vocals
2013-  Tero Holopainen - guitars
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2001-2005  Henri Kuittinen - keyboards
2001-2013  Johannes Nygård - guitars
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2009-  Jani Rättyä - percussion
2004  Mieszko Talarczyk - guitars

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I've said this a few times in previous reviews/comments? I just don't see innovation or nothing very interesting with post-metal anymore. After the originators and other pioneers left their works for us to admire, almost no one tried to develop from there? But here's the new album by Callisto and they are elbowing their way to the first lines.
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