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2000-  Sebastian Rokicki - guitars
2000-2008  Łukasz "Lucas" Myszkowski - vocals
› 2009-  -//-
2012-  Paweł Jaroszewicz - drums
2014-  Sebastian Kucharski - bass
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2000-2002  Macio Moretti - bass
2000-2012  Krzysztof Bentkowski - drums
2002-2008  Michal Pietrasik - bass
2007  Szymon "Simon" Czech - bass
› 2009-2010  -//-
2007-2008  Michal "Majik" Zybert - bass
2008-2009  Patrick Zwolinski - vocals
2011-2014  Michał Zawadzki - bass
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2008-2009  José María "Jeso" Alonso - bass
› 2010-2011  -//-
2013-2014  Cyprian Konador - bass
2013  Michał Łapaj - keyboards

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Some grind is more groovy, some more chaotic, some more experimental, some more pummeling. Antigama try to bridge a lot of that once again.
Review by RaduP ››
Within the often rigid confines of grindcore, the Polish Antigama has carved a unique identity for itself, sticking true to the genre perhaps, but also coming to weave all kinds of unusual shapes and sounds around it. 2015's The Insolent, however, sees the band easing up on the weirdness factor a bit and opting for a more straightforward approach.
Review by Auntie Sahar ››
Some grindcore bands sound like squealing pigs in a whorehouse, others like burly anarchists voicing their discomfort with being hit by a skinhead's baseball bat in the face. Others still recall the cheerful laughter of a psychopath finally succeeding...
Review by jupitreas ››

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