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Pig Destroyer


1997-  J.R. Hayes - vocals
1997-  Scott Hull - guitars
2011-  Adam Jarvis - drums
2019-  Travis Stone - bass
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1997-1998  Brian Evans - drums
1998-2011  Brian Harvey - drums
2006-2022  Blake Harrison - noise
2013-2019  John Jarvis - bass
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2004  Richard Johnson - vocals
› 2012  -//-
› 2018  -//-
2004  Katherine Katz - vocals
› 2012-2013  -//-
› 2018  -//-
2004  Matthew Mills - guitar solo
2012  Jason Netherton - vocals
2018  Dylan Walker - noise
2018  Jason Hodges - vocals
2018  Aaron Kirkpatrick - vocals
2020  Igor Cavalera - drum programming

Latest reviews

Pig Destroyer is a household name in the grind scene, and with that comes certain expectations: namely, to brace for something completely unexpected. And probably not even grind.
Review by Troy Killjoy ››
Pig Destroyer is one of the most polarizing bands in grindcore, mostly because sometimes they aren't very grindcore. While Prowler In The Yard and Terrifyer are certified genre classics, their following albums have kinda split their fan base between the ones who want a return to grind roots and the ones who don't. Head Cage probably really pissed off the former.
Review by RaduP ››
I've been partying for this album since last week I think, I've been drinking so much that I literally killed most of my neurons and I can't even spell rihgt...

This album totally deserves all my neurons, I haven't feel this way since...
Review by Herzebeth ››

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