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Nanowar Of Steel

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Also known as Nanowar (2003-2006)

Country: Italy
Label: Napalm Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 2006

2006- Heavy metal
2006- Power metal


2006-  Edoardo Carlesi - bass
2006-  Carlo Alberto Fiaschi - vocals
2006-  Valerio Storch - guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, choirs
2006-  Alessandro Milone - drums
2006-  Raffaello Venditti - vocals
2006  Daniele Carbonera - drums
2018  Fabio Lione - additional vocals
2018  Alessandro Del Vecchio - keyboards
2019  Angus McFife - vocals
2021  Francesco Paoli - vocals
2021  Alessandro Conti - vocals
2021  Giada "Jade" Etro - vocals

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Mamma mia, this is Italian folk metal (la-la-la-la). As is the case with many parody acts, Nanowar Of Steel's impressive musical talents and versatility often go underappreciated by those who either don't get the joke or dismiss them because of their humorous nature. I, like most of you, do not speak Italian, so this album may be our first chance to experience Nanowar Of Steel on a purely musical level.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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