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Also known as Dodsengel

Country: Norway
Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Links: Facebook

Formed in: 2008

2008- Black metal


2007-  Kark - bass, guitars, vocals
2007-  Malach Adonai - drums
2010  Luctus - bass
2014-  Geirr Berthinsen - bass
2014-  Ahzari - guitars
2014-  Pål Sgh - guitars

Latest reviews

The two men behind Dødsengel have been releasing some quality material under that name for a few years now, catching a bit of a break with their 2010 release, Mirium Occultum, which helped spread their name across the globe and caught the attention of a great deal of black metal fans. Imperator should achieve the same results, only perhaps more so...   Review by Troy Killjoy ››

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