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2009-  Blake Meahl - guitars
2010-2012  Eric Harris - bass
› 2016-  -//-
2015-  Tyler Meahl - drums
2015-  Eli Santana - guitars
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2009-2010  Sean Ford - drums
2009-2010  Greg Imhoff - bass
2009-2012  Ian Alden - guitars
› 2012-2015  -//- bass
2009-2018  Jill Janus - vocals
2010-2015  Carl Wierzbicky - drums
2012-2013  Anthony Crocamo - guitars
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2013  Jordan Ryan - guitars

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I have seen Huntress take a lot of flak, and always found the criticisms to be very unfair. In fact, given their style and schtick, Huntress should fit like a glove in the new generation of rabid heavy metal disciples that they have been helping to spearhead. With all the good will in the world, Static simply doesn't live up to Huntress's potential. Completing what we may evidently understand to be a thematic trilogy of albums, Static circles back to Spell Eater musically, but doesn't quite shake off the blandness of Starbound Beast.
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