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Country: Finland
Label: Svart Records

Links: Official site

Formed in: 2010

2012- Death doom metal


2010-  Markus Laakso - guitar, keyboard
2012-  Mikko Kotamäki - vocals
2012-  Kouta - guitars
2012-  Tuomo "Usva" Räisänen - bass
2012-  Toni "Tiera" Ronkainen - drums
2018  Topi Pitkänen - guitars
2012  Victor Bullok - guitars
2021  Lotta Ruutiainen - vocals

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If there's one country whose metal scene has particularly caught my interest in recent years, it's Finland. Facilitated primarily through Svart Records, the country's underground is alive and active, with bands ranging from the groovy (Domovoyd, Altar Of Betelgeuze), the eerie (Tyranny, Dark Buddha Rising), and the outright bizarre (Oranssi Pazuzu, Candy Cane). Relatively new on the scene are Kuolemanlaakso, death doomsters here to shatter concrete with their heaviness and soothe minds with their melodies.   Review by Apothecary ››

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