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Serpent Noir

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Country: Greece
Label: World Terror Committee Productions

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Formed in: 2006

2006-Black metal
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2006-  Yiannis - bass, guitars
2006-  Kostas Koudousnes - vocals
2017-  J. K. - bass
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2006-2013  Jim Laghios - drums
2009-2018  Mika Belfagor - drums
2013-2015  Cain Letifer - guitars
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2015  Haris Vouyiatzis - bass
2015  Christofer Johnsson - hammond organ
2012-  Haris Vouyiatzis - bass
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2012-  C. Docre - drums
2012  Tommy Eriksson - guitars

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While not exactly 'new', Serpent Noir is one of these newer, fire-engulfed tree trunks that keep the scene ablaze in the Greek black metal forest. It is a scene for fans of raw, unyielding energy on one hand, and of the more melodic and traditional metal on the other, shrouded of course in ghoulish, misty atmosphere.

If the above paragraph sounds appealing to you, check out Death Clan OD asap.
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