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Country: Sweden
Labels: Nuclear Blast Records
AFM Records

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Formed in: 2013

2013-Doom metal


2013-  Marcus Jidell - guitars
2013-  Jennie-Ann Smith - vocals
2016-  Mats Rydström - bass
2018-  Andreas Johansson (I) - drums
2022-  Daniel Karlsson - keyboards
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2013-2016  Carl Westholm - keyboards
2013-2017  Lars Sköld - drums
2013-2017  Leif Edling - bass
2016-2022  Rickard Nilsson - keyboards, organ
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2015  Anders Iwers - bass
2014-2016  Anders Iwers - bass
2017  Per Wiberg - keyboards
2014-2017  Michael Blair - percussion
2015  Mats Valentin - percussion
2022  Svante Henryson - cello
2022  Rickard Nilsson - keyboards
2022  Hanna Helgegren - violin
2022  Stefan Nykvist - backing vocals

Latest reviews

Death, Where Is Your Sting is the fifth installment by the now well esteemed doom metal band Avatarium, a band that have proven to be much more than just a simple side project for Candlemass songwriter Leif Edling. In their decade of existence, they have provided us with some rather unique and stellar doom metal releases, and now they introduce us to Death, Where Is Your Sting; so, where does this album fit into that impressively consistent discography of theirs? Well, it's certainly a solid release, to say the least.
Review by AndyMetalFreak ››
Avatarium is no longer the side project of one particular man named Leif Edling, but is now driven forward by the core duo of vocalist Jennie-Ann Smith and guitarist, songwriter, producer, and husband Marcus Jidell (The Doomsday Kingdom, ex-Evergrey, ex-Soen). The Fire I Long For marks a return to the band's doomier sound, following the more upbeat Hurricanes And Halos.
Review by nikarg ››
Clearly Avatarium understand the meaning of "catchy doom."
Review by R'Vannith ››

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