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Wolfpakk - Biography




Alpha wolves of the heavy metal project Wolfpakk are the full blooded musicians Michael Voss (Ex-Casanova, Mad Max) and Mark Sweeney (Ex-Crystal Ball).

Michael Voss and Mark Sweeney have known each other for a long time and have always wanted to do a project together. Since Michael Voss was the producer for Mark Sweeney's 2nd solo album in 2009, it finally happened that the two have found time for this collaboration.

Still during these recordings the two rockers made plans for a metal project where as many famous musicians as possible from the hard rock and metal scene should be involved. Thanks to Michael Voss' extensive network gathered over the years as a producer, within a short time over 25 musicians from all over the world joined the project Wolfpakk.

All 11 songs including lyrics were written by Voss/Sweeney. Vocals were divided brotherly, as well as production and mixing. From start to finish acoustic fireworks were ignited, in search of equality. All the songs are of high quality and high standard which in spite of traditional songwriting are surprising here and there. The powerful production adds to the whole atmosphere.

It is idle to mention that all the top-class guest musicians add a very special touch to this output. This LP is highly recommended to all fans of traditional hard rock/metal combined with modern production.

The album was released on August 26th, 2011 under the flag of AFM Records Hamburg.

(Source: Official Site, 3.11.2012)