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Green Carnation - Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness review

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Band: Green Carnation
Album: Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness
Release date: November 2001

01. Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness

It is quite some time ago since the last time I was so fascinated by a single song. In this case, it's a single song and a whole album at the same time. Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness is an epic 60-minutes long progressive doom metal masterpiece.

I have never before experienced a song that awakened so many emotions in me at the same time. Hope and despair, pleasure and pain, life and death, knowledge and incomprehesion become one on this CD. Letting the listener experience all at once. With sometimes melancholic, sometimes hopeful singing the listener is led from stanzas like "For it was my dream, To create a perfect world, From this cold imperfect world, And all the answers were inside my mind" to others like "What is left to say? What is left to see? Where did I fail?" Lyrically the whole song is nothing less then a rhetoric masterpiece.

While listening to this CD you will often find yourself drifting off, lulled by the gentle and tranquil instrumental sections, only to be violently torn into reality again by the fast and furious attacks on the drumkit. The keyboard, although used sparingly and always very slow when used, brings up alot of emotions. The riffs are usually midtempo and very pressing. The drumming varies between very slow and very fast. Apart from the great lyrics the thing that impressed me most though were the vocals. Some great variation and even greater emotions.

The female vocals aren't used until the thirty-third minute, where a long part with only saxophone and a female voice starts. The voice only makes sounds, not words, and varies alot until it reaches a musical climax. After that the saxophone continues until the thirty-seventh minute, with the female voice only singing very short after various intervals. Near the end of the cd, after a weird electronic sounding part of the male vocalist, the female vocalist joins in again. When there are only three and a half of the 60 minutes left you can hear a laughing child, symbolizing rebirth. The CD ends with a child's melody and the audible turning of the off-switch.

After listening to this CD I am always filled with thoughts, thoughts of hope, of happiness, of love, of tenderness and at the same time with opposing feelings, despair, sadness, melancholy, helplessness. I have never before heard an album or a song that was able to do this to me.

So please give this masterpiece a try, you won't regret it.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 10

Written by Bas | 10.10.2006

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This review could be the shortest ever: excellent. But OK, let's see why this second release of the Norwegian band is so excellent.
First as you may have noticed, the album is a whole unique song of 60 minutes: the dream of many musicians is made a reality by guitarist Tchort (Carpathian Forest, ex. Emperor, ex. Satyricon), who composed all the music and lyrics for this doom masterpiece.

published 01.12.2003 | Comments (12)


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10.10.2006 - 19:35
Rating: 9
Angel of Lust
Great Review! I totally agree
Excellent album, hard-listening but atmospheric, emotional, epic... very impressive!
I had never heard something like this...

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,
and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
Howard Phillips Lovecraft
19.12.2006 - 00:43
Rating: 10

i gotta hand it to you. no other words could have displayed such a perfect picture.

truly a classic in music. not just in the metal world, but in music in genreral

now get on your knees and worship me!
-Zakk Wylde
01.07.2008 - 16:00

I grabbed this one the other day out of curiosity being that someone tagged this "progressive" of sorts. Before I get started, it's good. It's got some nice chunky riffing and flows really well, but calling it "progressive" is a stretch when you consider the fact that there are bands like Symphony X, Dream Theater and Opeth who are defining what "progressive" means.

Green Carnation's Light of Day, Day of Darkness retains some nice thought-provoking movements with mellower passages. The whole thing flows really well throughout and it's a really slick metal offering, it's just that I have a problem dropping it in the progressive category because it's lacking in the psychotic time changes and over the top individual effort, all backed up by years and years of experience which is so common in progressive metal nowadays.

Green Carnation is lacking a Mike Portnoy or Gene Hoglan. There's no Petrucci, Loomis, Satriani or Romeo here at all. For a droning doom metal offering, Green Carnation is great, but classifying it as progressive is really pushing the definition of the word.
13.09.2008 - 21:18
Account deleted
^ I was the person to say that this album is progressive and I still stick to my opinion - there are so many changing rhythms, nothing's forced, everything flows nicely; the music is complex, challenging, interesting. I don't think you need a shredder guitarist to create prog-metal.

The music of this album at least is hard to classify anyway - this is actually, for me, what makes this album so interesting. Others classify GC as experimental/post metal which again is not correct IMO.
14.09.2008 - 11:01
Rating: 10
This is indeed a masterpiece but I must say it grew on me, it didn't catch my attention until I listened to it a few times. That may be because it's not an easy album, certainly not a conventional album.

I learnt to appreciate it and see it as a beautiful piece of music from a fearce band that has so much more to give. It's a shame their on stand-by or whatever it is that they are doing.

It's a timeless record and it makes as many sense for listeners now as it did in 2001. It definitely stands out in the metal world.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.

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25.09.2009 - 13:49
Heaven Knight
Listened to it...solid work...
My rest seems now calm and deep
Finally I got my dead man sleep

04.12.2011 - 07:46
Rating: 10

I have no qualms whatsoever calling this progressive metal. It is metal that makes progress throughout the song and is full of changes. It has a complex structure and builds in numerous directions all at once. It might not sound like Dream Theater, but DT is a band, not a subgenre. Also, I add my voice to those who say it is totally awesome. In fact, I will go further than that: This is one of the best prog metal albums of all time.

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