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Favorite bands: Wombbath, Voor (US), Vital Remains, Vader, Unseen Terror, Utumno, Unleashed, Timeghoul, Terminal Death, Shub Niggurath *DM*, Sadistic Intent, Revenant, Rotting Christ, Putrefaction, Purtenance, Possessed, Phantasm, Pestilence, Obscure Infinity (Swe), Obscure Infinity (Fin), Obituary-Old-, Nunslaughter, Nocturnus, Nihilist, Necrovore, Necrony, Morbid Angel-Old-, Messiah, Monstrosity, Merciless, Master *DM*, Mantas (US), Malevolent Creation, Luciferion (Swe), Liers In Wait, Krabathor-Old-, Kaamos, Interment, Insanity, Incubus (Aus), Immolation, Hellwitch, Grave, Gorguts, God Macabre, Excruciate, Eructation, Epitaph *DM*, Entombed-Old-, Dream Death, Dismember, Deteriorate, Deicide-Old-, Deceased, Death, Carnage (Swe), Benediction, Baphomet (US), Autopsy, Atheist, Antropomorphia, Adversary, Electrocution, Nirvana 2002, Jumpin' Jesus, Fleshcrawl, Darkified, Rigor Mortis *DM*, Bolt Thrower, Carcaroht, Cauterizer (Swe), Corpse (Swe), Orator (Bd), Morbidity (Bd), Idolatry (Bd), Candlemass