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Title: myspace/bonerama
Favorite bands: Neil Young, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Cathedral, Black Sabbath, Trouble, Anathema, Candlemass, Carcass, Dãm, Death, Resurrection, Gorod, Anata, Kronos, Immolation, Kataklysm, Morbid Angel, Altar, Hellwitch, Usurper, Immortal, Susperia, Morbid Saint, Vektor, Wargasm, Anthrax, Forbidden, Heathen, Slayer, Exodus, Cream, Taste / Rory Gallagher, Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Queens Of The Stone Age, Muse, Mastery, Joe Satriani, Liquid Tension Experiment, Bach, Dvorák, Judas Priest, Gorillaz, Fatboy Slim, Eminem, The Disciples Of Zoldon, 8 Foot Sativa, Shihad, Sinate, System Of A Down, Pantera: CfH, Vulgar 1-7, 9, 11, FbD (excepting "Pills"), Trendkill, "Yesterday DMS", "Avoid ?he Light" ... 21C.thrash: Warbringer, Dekapitator, Bonded By Blood, MW, SSS (course Vektor = #1)

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