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2020 Interesting Picks

Me: What a filthy year.
2021: Could be worse.
Me: How?
2021: Could be raining.

Non Metalstorm Bands

Myth Of I:

Best Covers Artwork

Eye of Nix - Ligeia
Xenobiotic - Mordrake
Trauma - Ominous Black
Lord Vigo - Danse De Noir
Prison of Mirrors - De Ritualibus et Sacrificiis ad Serviendum Abysso
Myth of I - Myth of I
Fordomth - Is Qui Mortem Audit
Kalmhain - Eigenlicht
Sickle of Dust - To the Shores of Sunrise
Beleriand - Far Over Wood And Mountain Tall
Sylvaine/Unreqvited - Time Without End
TombNoise - Thin The Veil

Created by: Rot Teufel | 01.01.2021

1. Exgenesis - Solve Et Coagula
Highly Reccomanded
2. Blaze of Perdition - The Harrowing of Hearts
Highly Reccomanded
3. Blaze of Sorrow - Absentia
Highly Reccomanded
4. Myth Of I - Myth Of I
Highly Reccomanded (Never liked Djent, but i like them)
5. October Falls - A Fall Of An Epoch
Highly Reccomanded
6. Horn - Mohngang
Highly Reccomanded
7. Shores of Null - Beyond the Shores (On Death and Dying)
Highly Reccomanded (really interesting concept album, even now they sound more like late Woods of Ypres)
8. Belore - Journey Through Mountains And Valleys
Highly Reccomanded
9. Dämmerfarben - Des Herbstes Trauerhymnen MMXX
Highly Reccomanded
10. Finntroll - Vredesvävd
Highly Reccomanded (but too short)
11. Emyn Muil - Afar Angathfark
Highly Reccomanded (even if imitation has gone so far that the whole album could be a Summoning one)
12. Gateway To Selfdestruction - Sanctus : Mater : Scortum
Highly Reccomanded
13. Árstíðir Lífsins - Saga Á Tveim Tungum II: Eigi Fjǫll Né Firðir
Highly Reccomanded
14. Carnosus - Dogma Of The Deceased
Highly Reccomanded
15. Skogmark - Æra Av Ensomhet
16. Sodom - Genesis XIX
Reccomanded (despite having a lot of letdown aspetcs on lyrics and songwriting, i found some songs addictive)
17. Havukruunu - Uinuos Syömein Sota
18. Temple of Void - The World That Was
19. Ensiferum - Thalassic
20. XIV Dark Centuries - Waldvolk
Reccomanded (nice comeback)
21. Darkenhöld - Arcanes & Sortilèges
22. Decaying - Shells Will Fall
23. Gernotshagen - Ode Naturae
Reccomanded (another nice comeback)
24. Wolf - Feeding The Machine
25. Thrudvangar - Vegvisir
Reccomanded (the third nice comeback)
26. Butterfly Temple - Волчье Cолнце
Reccomanded (and the fourth comeback)
27. October Falls - Syys
28. Aesculeta - Shades Of Soul
29. Dwarrowdelf - Evenstar
30. Malist - To Mantle The Rising Sun
31. Noumena - Anima
32. Appalachian Winter - Winterhewn
33. Khors - Where The Word Acquires Eternity
34. Gwydion - Gwydion
Reccomanded (nice to see them back)
35. Just Before Dawn - An Army at Dawn

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