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2010-  Lefteris Hatziandreou - vocals
2010-  Thanasis Andreou - guitars
2010-  Giannis Lagoutaris - bass
2012-  Tomek Solomonidis - drums
2013-  Stavros Marinos - guitars
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2010-2012  Giorgos Eleutheriou - drums
2010-2013  Antonis Katsoras - guitars
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When revenge isn't enough.
Review by omne metallum ››
Something must be in the water in Greece; the country is spawning thrash bands by the bucket full, which is overflowing with shredded guitar riffs. Bio-Cancer unleash their second album Tormenting The Innocent on a world that has a newfound appetite for all things thrash, and the band jump head first into the pit to offer up their take on the genre.
Review by omne metallum ››

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