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Rhapsody Of Fire

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Also known as Rhapsody (1993-2006), Thundercross ('93-'95)

Country: Italy
Label: AFM Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 2006

2006- Symphonic power metal


2006-  Alex Staropoli - keyboards
2011-  Roberto De Micheli - guitars
2015-  Alessandro Sala - bass
2016-  Giacomo Voli - vocals
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2006-2011  Luca Turilli - guitars
2006-2011  Patrice Guers - bass
2006-2016  Fabio Lione - vocals
2006-2016  Alex Holzwarth - drums
2010  Christopher Lee - narration
2011-2013  Tom Hess - guitars
2011-2014  Oliver Holzwarth - bass
2013  Noemi Boros - backing vocals
2016-2020  Manuel Lotter - drums
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2006-2011  Dominique Leurquin - guitars
2013  Hao Wang - backning vocals
2016  Giacomo Voli - backning vocals
2006-2011  Dominique Leurquin - guitars
› 2017-2018  -//-
2011  Roberto De Micheli - guitars
2017-2018  Alex Holzwarth - drums
2017-2018  Patrice Guers - bass
2017-2018  Luca Turilli - guitars
2017-2018  Fabio Lione - vocals
2007  Christopher Lee - narration, vocals
› 2019  -//- narration
2013  Manuel Staropoli - baroque flute, baroque oboe, duduk
2013  Paola Marra - backing vocals
2013  Matjaz Zobec - backing vocals

Latest reviews

After the confusing mess that was Prometheus, Symphonia Ignus Divinus, Luca Turilli's Rhapsody return…wait, this is the other one. After the travesty that was Dark Wings Of Steel, Rhapsody Of Fire return with Into The Legend. Have things improved? It certainly wouldn't be hard to improve on their last effort, but I am glad to say that this is far more impressive. The energy and strength of the performances have returned. However, this improvement comes at the price of some originality.   Review by Belegûr ››
Fault-finders rarely have a hard time in finding critics to move against Rhapsody Of Fire, but it would be audacious to say that the band avoided exploring new musical directions. From 1997's Legendary Tales on, they never released an album like the previous one, always progressing, always searching for new paths to follow, arriving at their verge of experimentation with 2011's controversial From Chaos To Eternity, then…   Review by R Lewis ››