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1998-  Lars Ramcke - vocals, guitars
2003-2009  Falko Reshöft - drums
› 2019-  -//-
2007-2017  Yenz Leonhardt - bass, vocals
› 2019-  -//- bass
2015-  Björn Daigger - guitars
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1998-2001  Tim Zienert - bass
1998-2002  André Schumann - drums
1998-2002  Scott Bölter - guitars
2001-2002  Gabriel Palermo - bass
2003-2006  David Wiczorek - guitars
2003-2007  Jussi Zimmerman - bass
2005-2014  Alex Guth - guitars
2009-2013  Hendrik Thiesbrummel - drums
2013-2018  Jörg Uken - drums
2017-2018  Connie Andreszka - bass
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2014  Christian Münzner - guitars
2014-2015  Björn Daigger - guitars
2018  Yenz Leonhardt - bass
2002-2003  Dirk Schlächter - guitars
2002-2003  Markus Großkopf - bass
2004  Kai Hansen - vocals, guitars
2014  Piet Sielck - guitars

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"Heading North" is already the third album of Stormwarrior, a German combo that plays European Power Metal (German Power should even be a better name), so of course if you're into bands like Running Wild I think that you should try this...
Review by Jeff ››
Once again it has come to a Tribute album, the kind of album you'll either love or hate.
Normally I'm not that fond of these kinds of albums, I think they are pretty useless, why gather an album with just covers? I mean, almost every band does...
Review by Malcolm ››
It's time for StormWarrior to release the successor to the album that was prized as the real successor to Helloween's debut "Walls of Jericho", and it's also time for StormWarrior to show us that they weren't a "One...
Review by Malcolm ››

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