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Sonic Syndicate


2002-  Robin Sjunnesson - guitars
2009-  Nathan James Biggs - vocals
2015-  Michel Bärzén - bass
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2002-2004  Andreas Mårtensson - keyboards
2002-2004  Magnus Svensson - bass
2002-2006  Kristoffer Bäcklund - drums
2002-2010  Richard Sjunnesson - vocals
2002-2012  Roger Sjunnesson - guitars
2004-2015  Karin Axelsson - bass, vocals
2006-2009  Roland Johansson - vocals
2006-2016  John Bengtsson - drums
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2003  Rham Nilsson - vocals
2005  Linus Wikström - guitars
2005  Kaj Michelsson - bass
2005  Herman "Manne" Engström - guitars
2005  Christian Johanson - drums
2010  Christoffer Andersson - vocals
2005  Roland Johansson - vocals
2010  Jonas Kjellgren - guitars
2014  Björn "Speed" Strid - vocals
2016  Ryan Roxie - guitars

Latest reviews

How close can metal get to pop music? According to Sonic Syndicate, very. Rebellion is a short EP released to showcase the band's new singer, a Mr Nathan Biggs from Shrewsbury, England. Excitement is high in the band as they comment that Nathan is...
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Fallen Angels Revisited

Time to revisit old friend here in Metal Storm, maybe you don't recognize the name Sonic Syndicate, but if you've been around you maybe know Fallen Angels, Swedish Melodeath band that released three demos before changing...
Review by Undercraft ››
3rd Round for Richard Sjunnesson and his Fallen Angels, and 2nd round for them here in Metal Storm, and maybe many of you aren't so unfamiliar with the band, and not because of my previous review on their last year Demo "Black Lotus", but...
Review by Undercraft ››

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