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Hammers Of Misfortune

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Also known as Unholy Cadaver (1995-2000)

Country: USA
Label: Cruz del Sur Music

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Formed in: 1998

1998- Progressive metal
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1998-  John Cobbett - guitars, vocals
2003-  Sigrid Sheie - piano, organ
2003-2006  Jamie Myers-Waits - bass, vocals
› 2021-  -//- vocals
2021-  Blake Anderson - drums
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1998-2000  Erica Stoltz - bass, vocals
1998-2005  Chewy Marzolo - drums
› 2006-2012  -//-
1998-2006  Mike Scalzi - guitars, vocals
2000-2003  Janis Tanaka - bass
2006-2009  Ron Nichols - bass
2006-2010  Jesse Quattro - vocals
2006-2010  Patrick Goodwin - vocals, guitars
2010-2012  Max Barnett - bass
2010-NA  Leila Abdul-Rauf - guitars, vocals
2011-NA  Joe Hutton - vocals
2013-2014  Christian Gonzalez - drums
2013-NA  Paul Walker - bass
2014-NA  Will Carroll - drums
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2003  Kris Force - violin
2022  Frank Chin - bass

Latest reviews

A very bumpy ride through aimless chaos.
Review by tominator ››
Hammers Of Misfortune; yes, more commonly known as "that band that used to have that main dude from Slough Feg in it." This band is incredibly eclectic prog-rock that covers quite a bit of ground; ranging from your typical 70's pompish prog to doom, with a few glimpses of old school Misfits-esque horror punk moments. It's something that is quite astonishing upon first listen. Astonishing then turns to overwhelming. Overwhelming turns to irritating. Sure enough, after a fair amount of plays through, this ain't the same album you listened to the first time around.
Review by Doc G. ››
Complex yet subtle. Such adjectives immediately come to mind when describing the 3rd Hammers' opus - "The Locust Years". This album clearly owes much of its substance to the fertile minds that drive Slough Feg, the most obvious aspect being...
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