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Shatter Messiah

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Country: USA
Label: Dockyard 1

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Formed in: 2005

2005- US power metal
2005- Thrash metal


2005-  Curran Murphy - guitar
2005-  Rob Falzano - drums
2007-  Jason Chamberlain - bass
2010-  Micheal Duncan - vocals
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2005-2006  Ron Boisvert - bass
2005-2010  Greg "Wags" Wagner - vocals
2005-2010  Dusty Holt - guitar
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2006  Jason Chamberlain - bass

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Shatter Messiah is the official clone of Nevermore! Well not really but for sure this band is probably the one which is the most similar (musically speaking) to the cult American combo. "God Burns Like Flesh" is the second release of Shatter...   Review by Jeff ››

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