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1996-  Mike Scheidt - guitars, vocals
2009-  Aaron Rieseberg - bass
2023-  Dave French - drums
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1996-1999  Greg Ocon - drums
1996-2001  Lowell Iles - bass
1999-2003  Gabe Morley - drums
2001-2005  Isamu Sato - bass
2003-2023  Travis Foster - drums
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2022-2023  Dave French - drums
2011  Scott Kelly - vocals

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Coming so close to death would be a life-altering experience for anyone, so when it happened to Yob mainman Mike Scheidt, it did change his perspectives a lot. He linked it to having your hard dive crash, as you can only retrieve so much and the rest is lost. With there even having been doubts that Yob would continue, how does the change of perspective affect Our Raw Heart?
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Ah yes, stoner/doom metal. Heavy and crushing, filthy and provocative. Not my favorite brand of vodka but when I want to lather my musical palate with some that's artistically and professionally done, I look no further than Eugene, Oregon's Yob.
Review by tea[m]ster ››

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