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2003-  Emmanuel Jessua - vocals, guitars
2011-  Jonathan Maurois - guitars
2022-  Charles Villanueva - bass
2022-  Pierre Rettien - drums
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2003-2011  Jérémie Lautier - guitars
2003-2013  Thibault Lamy - drums, samples
2003-2022  Gredin - bass, vocals
2013-2021  Théo Bégue - drums
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2013  Théo Bégue - drums

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It’s been over a decade since we last reviewed a Hypno5e record on Metal Storm. It’s certainly not been for a lack of review-worthy material, as the French ensemble have continued to impress across the years since, but if any of their recent albums have deserved to have the spotlight on them, it’s Sheol.
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Hypno5e is another example of the whole being better than the individual parts. Acid Mist Tomorrow is really techy progressive metalcore, and although there's really nothing new in each aspect, pieced together it's an impressive puzzle work.
Review by Doc G. ››

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