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The Defaced

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Also known as Rehab (1995-1999)

Country: Sweden
Label: ViciSolum Productions

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Formed in: 1995

1999-Melodic death metal
1999-Thrash metal


1995-  Klas Ideberg - guitars
2004-  Mattias Andersen - bass
2005-  Jens Broman - vocals
2005-  Henrik Pommer - drums
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1995-2005  Henrik "Henke" Sjiowall - vocals
1998-2004  Jörgen Löfberg - bass
1999-2005  Henry Ranta - drums
2001  Mattias Svensson - guitar
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What happens if you mix some Swedish Melodic Death metal with some thrash and a little of Nu Metal? and what happens when you mix the talents of talented musicians of well established acts such as Soilwork and Darkane? Well the answer is easy, you get...
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