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Circle Of Ouroborus

This band's profile is 'invisible', meaning that it's much less prominent on the site - either because it's incomplete, or maybe doesn't entirely fit MS format.


2004-  Atvar - all instruments
2004-  Antti Klemi - vocals


2004 Introitus [Demo]
2006 Auerauege Raa Verduistering [Split] 7.3
2006 Star/Rise [Demo] 3
2007 Night Radiance [Demo]
2007 Can You See The Fire? [Split]
2008 Golden Blood [Split]
2009 Tongue Carvings [Split]
2009 Old Ghosts [Compilation]
2009 Celebration Of Nothingness [Demo]
2010 Circle Of Ouroborus / Roman Cross [Split]
2010 Night Radiance Pt. 2 [Demo]
2010 Night Radiance Pt. 3 [Demo]
2010 Ruins Of Resurrection [Split]
2011 Moonflares [Split] 8
2011 Armon Keitaalla [Demo] 5
2012 Split II [Split]
2012 Adamantine Discipline And Laissez-Faire Yantra [Compilation]
2013 Maailma Kohoaa Ja Uppoaaaa [Compilation]
2013 Circle Of Ouroborus / Cosmic Church [Split] 7
2014 Night Radiance [Compilation]
2018 Cénotaphe / Circle Of Ouroborus [Split]

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