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Adam Michał Darski


1991- Behemoth - guitars, vocals (as Nergal)  
1996-1997 Damnation - bass (as Nergal)  
2006-2014 Voodoo Gods - vocals (as Nergal)  
2015- Me And That Man - vocals, guitars  

Guest musician

1995 Hermh - bass, vocals (as Nergal)  
1996-2001 Hell-Born - additional vocals (as Nergal)  
1998 Hefeystos - backing vocals (as Nergal)  
2002 Vader - vocals (as Nergal)  
2002 Mess Age - vocals (as Nergal)  
2003 Corruption - vocals (as Nergal)  
2008 The Amenta - vocals (as Nergal)  
2009 Ex Deo - vocals (as Nergal)  
2011 Root - additional vocals (as Nergal)  
2018 Rotting Christ - vocals (as Nergal)  
2021 Hell-Born - vocals (as Nergal)  
2022 Ibaraki - vocals (as Nergal)  


21.10.2009 Behemoth

Personal information

Also known as: Nergal, Howlin' De Ville
Born on: 10.06.1977


Adam Michał Darski was born in Gdynia, Poland. He chose the stage name Nergal, and he is the founder, lyricist, main composer, frontman and manager of blackened death metal band Behemoth, which he started when he was fourteen.

He also plays on lead, rhythm and acoustic guitar. Nergal likes to interact with the crowd during performances. He is known for contribution with following bands: Hermh, Nile, Damnation, Vader, Sweet Noise, Mastiphal, December's Fire, Mess Age, Corruption, Hangover, The Wolverines and Hefeystos.

Nergal has completed six years of history and one year of Latin at Gdańsk University, and is qualified to be a museum curator.

In 2012 he legally changed his name, dropping Michał for Nergal.