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Andre Matos - Biography




Since Shaaman´s split in 2006, Andre Matos is beginning life as he knows it anew. After much reflection and invitations for presentations all over the planet, he's decided to walk the path to a solo career.

At the recent experience at the 'Live´n´Louder' festival, the 'best of Andre Matos', from a brand new unreleased song to his biggest hits, was presented during a non-stop performance in front of thousands of people. Andre Matos made his debut as a singer while he was still a teenager, formed four bands, became an icon in several countries and now dedicates himself entirely to the strong relationship established with his audience at a mature and conscientious stage of his music. Everything became quite clear at the surprise appearance at the festival, being his first solo concert ever. In his own words: "It was incredible to play at that festival. Throughout my career I've received many offers for work based on my own name, but everything always happens just at the right time. Now, finally, I have the opportunity to make the most out of all that is me, all my history - besides, I feel ready to create brand new things within the style I've embraced." For that task he's counting on excellent musicians: "When the idea took form, I wished to invite the musicians I admire the most and I was sure that we would form a great team. The band's spirit is fundamental. I'm very proud and especially honoured to have them at my side in this special moment. Without a doubt, we're already doing a great job!" The musicians are the well-known Luis Mariutti (bass), Hugo Mariutti (guitar) and Fabio Ribeiro (keyboards), in addition to André Hernandes - with whom Andre Matos had already played in the beginning of the 90´s and who is considered to be one of the biggest guitar names in Brazil - and Eloy Casagrande, a 16-year-old prodigious drummer who's won the main prize at the Modern Drummer Drum Contest in the USA, being considered as the best drummer of the Americas.

At this moment, Andre Matos is finishing the works for his debut album, produced by Roy Z and Sascha Paeth, with its worldwide release projected for the beginning of the second half of 2007. Fresh compositions, a brand new band and a great team of producers, bringing up Andre Matos' plenitude as an artist.

And for those who didn't have the opportunity to check out Andre Matos' news yet, no need to worry: the debut is expected to happen very soon. There are good things in store for all of the fans. Just wait!