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Dismember - Biography



Swedish extreme Death Metal act Dismember were formed in 1988 as a trio of vocalist/bassist Robert Senneback, guitarist David Blomqvist and drummer Fred Estby. This initial line-up only maintained itself for just over a year but did release two demos in the shape of 'Dismembered' and 'Last Blasphemies'. The original Dismember folded in late 1989 with Estby joining forces with Carnage and Blomqvist opting for Entombed. However, shortly before recording of the debut Carnage album Blomqvist jumped ship from his new act to join the band.

Carnage dissolved when guitarist Mike Amott quit to British extreme Metal act Carcass leaving Estby, Blomqvist and vocalist Matti Karki to resurrect Dismember. Still a trio, this new line-up released the Tomas Skogsberg produced 'Reborn In Blasphemy' demo before inviting Senneback, then a member of Unleashed, to resume his position in the band. Dismember also augmented their sound with the addition of ex-Carbonised bassist Richard Cabeza. Having signed to Germany's Nuclear Blast label, the first hard product to arrive was the inclusion of two of the latest demo tracks on the 'Death Is Just The Beginning' compilation album.

Dismember garnered huge media attention in 1991 when their 'Like An Ever Flowing Stream' debut album was confiscated by British and Australian customs for being 'indecent and obscene' (hence the title of their 1993 album). Her Majesty's customs had objected to song titles and lyrics such as 'Skin Her Alive' and 'Brutal Orgy Of Flesh'. The subsequent court case shot Dismember's name to the forefront of the current wave of Death metal acts.

The band toured Europe opening for Morbid Angel in June 1991 but these dates were curtailed due to disagreements between the two acts. Further live shows included Dismember's appearance at the Rock Hard festivals alongside Death, Pestilence and Napalm Death.

The band's notoriety was capitalised on by the 1992 mini album 'Pieces' which saw more live shows in Europe, touring in conjunction with Obituary and Napalm Death. A second full album, 'Indecent And Obscene', gave their fans more of the same formula, which had so outraged H.M. customs. Dismember followed the record's release with a bout of touring in America in 1993 with Suffocation and Deicide before hooking up with Morbid Angel once more for a European tour.

Following a lay off period, in which Cabeza worked up the Damnation project for the 'Divine Darkness' demo, Dismember returned to the fray in early 1995 as part of the Nuclear Blast organised festivals alongside labelmates Meshuggah, Hypocrisy and Benediction. A single, 'Casket Garden', was released as a taster for the new album. The follow up 'Massive Killing Capacity' gave Dismember their first German chart album.

Whilst gaining notoriety within the Dismember ranks bassist Richard Cabeza also moonlighted for Unanimated. Matti Karki and Cabeza would also collude with Entombeds Uffe Cederlund and Peter Stjärnvind for their Murder Squad project. Dismember would be announced as headliners of the June 2002 'Generation Armageddon' festivals in Europe fronting a roster of Sinisted, Blood Red Throne, Necrophobic and Mercenary.

Yet another Dismember offshoot arrived in 2001, Born Of Fire, founded by Cabeza alongside guitarist 'Mr. Dim', and the Loudpipes duo of Peter Stjärnvind and Fredrik Lindgren. This act would bow in with the 7" single 'Chosen By The Gods' on Primitive Art. Richard Cabeza would team up with premier Black Metal act Dark Funeral for North American touring in the Spring of 2002. European dates for November would be announced with Dismember heading up a package bill comprising Septicflesh, Sinister and Thyrfing.

Embarking upon a mammoth string of European shows throughout October and November of 2002 Dismember created part of a deadly union for the 'Generation Armageddon' festival tour. Joining the band would be Norway's Blood Red Throne, Greece's Septicflesh, Ireland's Primordial, Belgium's Ancient Rites, and fellow Swedish heavyweights Impious.

By January of 2003 Dismember, having signed to Hammerheart Records, where scheduling a new album with the proposed title of 'Where Ironcrosses Grow' for a September release (later pushed back to early 2004). Also emerging would be a concert DVD entitled 'Live Blasphemies', a two disc set comprising the band's performance from 27th May 2003 at Klubben in Stockholm with a second disc of documentary and home video footage. Dutch dates in May saw Callenish Circle and Flesh Made Sin as support.