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A musical phenomenon born back in the early 90's, Swedish melodic death metal has had a huge impact on all kinds of modern heavy music and along with country mates In Flames and At The Gates, Gothenburg's Dark Tranquillity have defined the genre like no one else. With a unique sense for combining catchy, hard hitting metal with daring progressive elements they have developed a trademark sound hailed by fans and critics alike and have built a worldwide army of loyal supporters over the past 20 years.

Founded in 1989, Dark Tranquillity celebrated their 20th anniversary in '09 with the fantastic career spanning 2DVD/2CD release Where Death Is Most Alive (which charted on 1 in the Swedish DVD charts), an unforgettable DVD premier and party event, and now the time is nigh to present the much anticipated follow-up to 2007's Fiction, which charted in Sweden, Germany, Greece, Finland and Italy and marked the band's most successful album to date.

Entitled We Are The Void, the band's ninth album picks up where its predecessor left and guarantees melodic death metal hits from start to finish that find an irresistible balance between untamed rage, progressive-tinged parts, captivating choruses and thought-provoking lyrics. Never afraid of taking chances and experimenting with refreshing new elements, the sextet succeeds to surprise the listener once again! Just take e.g. the black metal vibe on songs like the devastating opener "Shadow In Our Blood" or the almost apocalyptic "Arkhangelsk", the furious teutonic thrash-references in "I Am The Void" or the gloomy gothic-touch of the epic closing track "Iridium". Songs like "Dream Oblivion", "The Fatalist" and the melancholic "Her Silent Language" are prime examples for the band's extraordinary sense to combine stellar musicianship with powerful hooks and catchy melodies. Dark Tranquillity have mastered the art of melodic death over the last two decades and "We Are Void" is another undeniable proof for that.

The band's follow-up to 2007's Fiction was recorded at (bassist) Daniel Antonsson's Gothenburg Rock Studios and (keyboardist) Martin Brändström's Rogue Music and mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio in Denmark.

After ending 2009 with the Darkness Over X-Mas dates the touring cycle for "We Are The Void" will kick off in early 2010 with a massive US run with Killswitch Engage and The Devil Wears Prada. European fans will be able to enjoy the band live during the upcoming festival season plus an extensive tour afterwards, so wherever you are Dark Tranquillity shall fill the emptiness within us all with unforgettable modern and crushing melodic death metal.

(Source: Myspace, 14.4.2013)