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Formed in 2011, Blackhelm arose as Metalstorm and quickly released the Fully Loaded Nightmare 7" ep on call to arms music then spent the following 18 months playing alongside bands including Psycroptic, King Parrot, Ruins, Municipal Waste, Havok, Goatwhore, Ulcerate, Merauder, Neobliviscaris and Mindsnare in addition to storming the stage at the first inaugural obscene extreme festival. Swiftly a claim was burned in Australian metal.

2014 brought about the current incarnation of Blackhelm.
With the lineup perfected, the band set themselves to expand and challenge themselves both musically and lyrically with the release of "I - Saeculum Obscurum", a 12" vinyl release. These new songs saw the band expand their sound with a much darker, ominous element being added to coincide with the snap neck thrash metal that defined their first EP. The release was backed by a run of shows with Brazilian Death Metal legends Krisiun and a hugely successful Japanese tour with Mors Principium Est and Beyond Creation.

With [band]Blackhelm[/band comes a turn of the screw for the band.
The guitars find new grandeur and profound significance where at times an ambiguity akin to the dark taunts and at others a cacophony of serrated melody invites. All, however, is ally to a technical, methodical savagery bound in preeminent riffage.

The drums continue to fire unrelenting rounds of pounding metal mastery but with a new vision and a trail of scorched earth, the true cojones behind the ruin now have their ultimate dais.
And then at the pith of Blackhelm you find the edict from a corrosive throat set to raze, vocally a new level let loose. Undoubtedly the heaviest, most intimidating vocal delivery heard from the point of the fury.

Blackhelm will unleash their first recording under their new moniker early in 2016, with the imminent release being handled by Julian Renzo at Legion Studio Productions in Melbourne.

With the beast freshly branded and their newest diablerie prepared, Blackhelm are as bent upon ascendancy as they are stated to it.