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70000 Tons Of Metal 2019 - Days Two And Three: Round And Round We Go

Event: 70000 Tons Of Metal 2019
Written by: D.T. Metal
Published: 26.10.2019


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70000 Tons Of Metal Cruise 2019 - Day Two by CROMCarl (265)
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After a quick shut-eye it was time again to get the show on the road - Day Two of 70000 Tons Of Metal - bring it.

Read all the Day One happenings here.

Merch line on the Day Two - Pic courtesy by Pam of

Ahhhh, Pool Deck Stage day. Since it takes forever to erect the massive Stage on the Pool Deck, the bands don't start playing there until Day Two. Normally the stage runs a bit behind due to *insert any number of issues*, it appeared that this year everything was on schedule. Unbeknown to most of us at this time (we were told during the press briefing though), we were heading toward a huge storm on our way to Haiti and the winds were just too strong for the riggers to build the stage on open seas. So, instead of having no Pool Deck Stage on Day Two or starting with a huge delay, the organizers made a hard choice. With an extra fuel cost of around $16,000, the decision was made to sail for about 3 hours in a different direction to avoid the storm. And to make up the lost time, we were hauling ass on Day Two; which of course also meant one could feel the movement of the boat much more, and the wind on the Pool Deck was rather strong most of the day.

But, before we headed to the Pool Deck for Gloryhammer, I went down to the Promenade Deck to get a carafe of coffee to get things started. And there it was, the yearly phenomenon - the 70000 Tons Of Merch line.

To be honest, this year they did make some changes; there was a TV channel where you could see what kind of merch is available from each band and you were able to fill out a "order sheet" while standing in line. I took a number, went back up to the cabin and got ready to watch Gloryhammer on the Pool.

Warbringer in the Theater
It was very windy but Mr. Winkler and Co made the best out of it. And due to the wind, the lighting rig (not that anyone needs awesome stage light, during the day, when it's bright outside ) was not all the way up, just enough to be out of the way of the artists. Starting with "Rise Of The Chaos Wizard" was expected, but playing songs such as "Goblin King Of The Darksome Galaxy" sure was much appreciated by the fans. I am glad I watched them on the Pool Stage since for some ungodly reason their second set was scheduled in the Lounge. Really. The Lounge. Gloryhammer draws a huge crowd and are so fun to watch and they put them in the smallest venue with the smallest stage for their second gig.

I dipped out before they ended the set since I was really looking forward to seeing Warbringer in the Theater. Haven't seen the dudes live in a while and yap - they didn't disappoint. The Theater was a little empty at the beginning of their set but filled up nicely throughout. Kevill told me afterwards that their second gig in the - wait for it Lounge will be their oldies and goodies and crowd favorites. I was so looking forward to this one, but as it turned out it was during our press briefing with the Skipper. The husband went though and he rubbed it in that I missed an awesome show by Warbringer.

Day 2 is also the day where each and every band on the boat is doing their Meet 'n Greet; at four different places on the ship nevertheless. Per usual one had to pick and choose because the scheduling was once again ridiculous. But then also, cramming 60 bands into one day for Meet 'n Greet and pictures and signing stuff, can be no small task.

We were gonna watch Arkona on the Pool Deck, there was a delay, we went and had lunch, came back out and it was raining cats and dogs. Didn't matter, as we walked by, the Russians gave their all.

Here are some highlights from Day Two:

Next up was a pure delight - Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper at Studio B. Dear lord, the old man still got it. Playing songs from the new era of the band as well as the old classics sure brought a smile to my face. 1987's "Rock You To Hell" followed by "Night Of The Vampire" sounded as fresh as "Wings Of Angels" off their 2016 release Walking In The Shadows. The crowd went nuts for "Dead On Arrival" and "See You In Hell" off the band's 1984 debut album.

Standing on stage with a walking cane in one hand, Steve told the crowd the story how he lost his leg and even lifted up his kilt a few times to show off his shiny metal leg. He sounded great and Studio B was nicely filled during the band's performance as well. NWOBHM at its best.

Kamelot on the Pool Deck

"It should be called 70000 tons of hair", looks over to the bald session guitarist, "well, let's call it 70000 tons of swamp" Kalmah in the Theater and they brought it; hands down. Pekka tried his best to be a comedian, sometimes it worked but most of the time the stuff he was saying went straight over people's heads. While some people complained that the sound wasn't that good, I apparently sat at a sweet spot. Mosh pits and crowd surfing galore during their show. At the end of their set they still had some time and decided to play "Hades" off their 2000 debut album Swamplord.

And then there was Ensiferum. I actually just saw them a couple of weeks before the cruise (they toured with Septicflesh and Arsis) and noticed that they lost their one and only female in the band. Did I miss the live keyboards or accordion? Not really. A lot of bands pump those in as samples anyway.

Anyhoo, Ensiferum was on fire that night. Absolutely the best show thus far on the boat. I have seen them plenty of times and they always deliver. The crowd had a blast as well. Check it out yourself; someone recorded almost their entire set, including the end when they played "Sweet Child O' Mine"; with Markus playing the song with his guitar behind his head. We had such a blast.

Ensiferum entire first set on YouTube - starting 51:02 with the GnR tunes.

Due to the earlier wind and rain and trying to erect the rest of the Pool Deck Stage (side stuff and hoisting the lighting rig all the way up) the entire outdoor schedule shifted to the right by about 40plus minutes. We headed to dinner and caught a bit of Kamelot. Depending on my mood and their set list, I either like them or can't listen to them. That night I was impartial and just hung out on the Pool Deck socializing with friends until Eluveitie took the stage.

I haven't seen them since Anna and Merlin left and was looking forward checking out the new line-up and noticed that bassist Kay Brem was missing. Got it, use samples for keys and other stuff, but piping in the bass? Kinda weird, and it sounded like every now and then the bass didn't jive with the song. Hmmm. Maybe it was just me or the wind distorted the sound, but I decided to head down to the Theater to check out Rage with the LMO orchestra.

Eluveitie on the Pool Deck

When they were on 70000 Tons Of Metal in 2013 I was not impressed. But since this was still the Smolski era I thought I would give them another try. And I am glad I did. Peavy and Co. sounded amazing; too bad they had to play in front of a barely half full Theater. As I was sitting in those comfy Theater chairs, my eyes got heavier and heavier and I decided to call it a day. In hindsight I should have just taken a nap to watch Night Demon on the Pool Deck right before 5am. Everyone said it was an awesome gig. But hey, at least I was up early enough to have some breakfast before heading out onto the island to spend some relaxing time on the beach.

Check out the 70000 Tons Of Metal 2019 Day 2 recap video below.

Here are some more highlights from Day Two:

Click for more Day 2 pictures →

Upon returning to the ship we headed over to the Windjammer for some late lunch. I have to say that the variety on the buffet did increase over the years, which was very much appreciated. It also seemed that they updated their furniture and décor; not just in the Windjammer but throughout the staterooms and ship in general.

Delain was the first band playing after everyone returned from the beach. And just as their gig on Day 1, the band gave their all. Unfortunately this was also the last gig I saw with Mercel on guitars; but hey, she is pulling double duty on the boat since she also plays in MaYaN; and so does growler George Oosthoek by the way.

Delain starting the show on the Pool Deck

I was going to watch half of Týr in the Theater and half a set of Vicious Rumors in the Lounge, but Vicious Rumors laid down a flawless performance and there was no way I was gonna leave. We had staked out a seat somewhere in the back and, since it was the Lounge, we could hardly see the band but sure as hell enjoyed listening to them.

Dark Funeral was already shredding on the Pool Deck Stage when I finally made my way back up there. Holy crap, I don't even know how many steps I took during the cruise. Next time I will take a step counter doohickey thingy with me.

Lord Ahriman was on the island to soak up the sun and we were joking earlier in the day that he will look pink when he puts his white facepaint on. Rest assured the paint was strong enough and his sunburn didn't shine through.

Back down to the Lounge to watch me some Exmortus before heading back up to the Pool Deck for another dose of Sodom. Their first gig in the Theater was awesome and I expected this one to be even better; and it was. Like I mentioned before, first time seeing them as a 4-piece and I dig it.

Dark Funeral on the Pool Deck
For their Pool Deck set Sodom played some oldies and goodies and the fans went nuts. Crowdsurfing and moshing galore. "Agent Orange", "Outbreak Of Evil", "The Saw Is The Law" - hell yes!!! Just like during their first set, Frank Blackfire is handed a battle-vest by a fan and wears it for most of their set. Coincidently, both owners of the vests are friends of mine and this was one of their highlights of 70000 Tons Of Metal 2019. But I am pretty sure they, as long time Sodom fans really appreciated when the band played "Witching Metal" off their 1984 debut EP In The Sign Of Evil. "Ausgebombt", "Blasphemer" this was clearly a set for fans.

Yes, Sodom has an extensive catalog and it can't be easy selecting songs for an hour long set, but I think they nailed it with this one.

Back to the Lounge well, outside of the Lounge since it was fucking packed for God Dethroned. Holy shit, people were standing in the entry way it was that packed. The band sounded great; couldn't see them though.

Aaaaand, back to the Pool Deck we went. Rage played their second gig with the Lingua Mortis Orchestra. And this time I stayed for the entire performance. Rage played, I believe it was their 3rd album with LMO, their 13th album overall, 13 songs, called simply XIII. Amazing. Nothing more to add. And even though it can be tough playing on the Pool Deck due to the wind and how the music carries, Rage sounded perfect.

Afterwards we finally had some time to eat dinner. Well, late night snack that is and thankfully the Windjammer buffet, which is closed after dinner at 10pm, reopens for late night snacks around midnight. But don't be fooled. It's not just hot dogs and pizza on the buffet. It's mostly dinner menu albeit scaled down a bit.

Refreshed we made our way down to Studio B for Heidevolk and stuck around afterwards to watch Unleash The Archers (playing the cover "Take On Me" and everyone screaming at the top of their lungs was a sight to see early in the morning ) before heading back to the Pool Deck for the mighty Mors Principium Est. Great performance per usual and for Twilight Force, we only managed to watch half of their set before calling it a daya nightcrap, it was already 5:30 the next morning.

Check out the 70000 Tons Of Metal 2019 Day 3 recap video below.

And here are some highlights of Day 3 on 70000 Tons Of Metal 2019:

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26.10.2019 - 02:49
We obviously share the same love for Sodom. Your write-up once again makes me think that I need to be on this cruise at least once in my life.
26.10.2019 - 04:55
D.T. Metal
Written by nikarg on 26.10.2019 at 02:49

We obviously share the same love for Sodom. Your write-up once again makes me think that I need to be on this cruise at least once in my life.

Duuuude, Sodom was amazing. Best I seen them in a while and yes, try to make it on the boat at least once
26.10.2019 - 06:07
Troy Killjoy
Looking forward to drunkenly reading this in a few hours once I return from this house party. Gleaned some of the write-up right now and looks incredibly interesting.
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