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The Eternal - Sleep Of Reason (Song by Song)

With: Mark Kelson [Vocals, Guitars]
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 14.10.2005

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The Eternal
Album info: Sleep Of Reason

01. Awaken, Arise
02. Everlasting
03. To Drown
04. A Soul Undone
05. Hollow Inside
06. In My Skin
07. A Dreams End
08. Beneath The Soil
09. Sleep Of Reason
10. The Dying Light
11. Weight Of Empathy

01. Awaken, Arise:

This is an instrumental, with this piece we wanted to set a bleak heavy feel for the album but not make it reflective of the material on the rest of the album, we didn't want 'Awaken, Arise' to make you comfortable which is why we start it with dissonance, an opening strumming of the guitar, I think we achieved the desired effect we where after here.

02. Everlasting:

This song is just about life and how fast it goes by, I guess its about appreciating now because its gone in a blink of an eye, your loved ones, your dreams, gone, dust in the wind. Musically we went for a very minimal restrained approach, a 'less is more' scenario. Letting the ambience of the piece take control.

03. To Drown:

Losing it all, your comfort, love, lifestyle, everything you have known, then having it waved in your face! Feeling the depths of loss and once dealing with it, there it is again, bringing up all these past feelings long buried. Musically it is a very dark and slightly progressive landscape.

04. A Soul Undone:

Self control , knowing who you are, and excepting truths about yourself, self exploration and how your dark sides and good sides can become your un-doing. Musically I think this is one of the most diverse songs with many different feels throughout, yet they still all tie together and maintain the flow.

05. Hollow Inside:

Lyrically this song came to fruition after touring Australia, Asia & Europe, It was basically about the feelings surging through us during this experience, the ups the downs and the endless nights and days. Musically we have a gentle piece with a big miserable chorus. A very melodic piece.

06. In My Skin:

This is a very personal song to me, about watching a dear friend go through some very difficult situations, some very emotional things and then losing that friend. Its kind of my impressions of what it would be like if I was in their situation. Musically a beautiful, dynamic, ambient and at times delicate piece. Very ambient and emotive.

07. A Dreams End:

An on going theme in this album is self discovery and dealing with your demons, at times life seems like a haze, often leaving us feel the weight of the world on our shoulders, Sometimes life feels like your blindfolded and you don't know what is next, I guess this song is a cry for some clarity as to what the hell is going on! Musically, a rocker big time, very melodic, a very guitar based song with some cool melodies and leads.

08. Beneath The Soil:

This song is about being dead, buried and aware of your surroundings, hearing the world around you, experiencing your decay and screaming in silence, not really an experience but a cool idea and very doom! The music is very slow and heavy, plods along, one of the darker, doomier songs on the album.

09. Sleep Of Reason:

An instrumental , didn't need words as it makes its own statement, so much so that it's the title track! Very dreamy and melodic, ends with a nice Sabbath feel.

10. The Dying Light:

Acceptance of self and embracing the ones you love, another explosion of self discovery, being the first time I've analyzed these songs like this I'm starting to get a good picture of where we where emotionally when writing them. Musically very dynamic, starts acoustic with a bit of a Zeppelin feel before building into a slow emotive journey.

11. Weight Of Empathy:

The bleakest song on the album and by far and the longest! Lyrically about the state of the world, but I would like people to draw their own conclusions on this one. Musically at times has an almost middle eastern feel, very foreboding , you must be in the mood for a journey with this one!

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