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This version of Morbid Visions (and of Bestial Devastation for that matter) respects the raw energy and relentless brutality of the original take, but it is also an improvement in every possible way; the guitar tone is fantastic, and the guitars are actually in tune now, the vocal mix is excellent, and every riff is clearly heard in a way that one can now finally fully appreciate how high the death/thrash bar was set back in the mid-80s by these Brazilians. The Cavalera brothers took the material of their teenage years and re-recorded it in the present as mature and accomplished musicians, but without compromising its authentic ferocity one bit. With the help of producer Arthur Rizk, they crafted this so successfully that it resets the bar even higher today. And Eliran Cantor’s stunning artwork perfectly reflects how badass this album is.
Thumbs up: X-Ray Rod, Yaniv, RaduP, Dream Taster

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