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Trouble - Psalm 9
23.08.2021 | Black shapes of Doom

I could have staff-picked anything from the first five Trouble albums following today's tragic news of Eric Wagner's passing. Psalm 9 and The Skull were essential for the evolution of U.S. doom metal, possessing a sound that is still being - or trying to be - replicated. When the band decided to add more heavy rock and classic rock in their formula with the self-titled in 1990 or with the Beatles-loving Manic Frustration that followed, Trouble still were one of the coolest doom bands around. Their debut though remains unsurpassable to me and it is one of the most defining albums in the history of the genre. Wagner's unique voice had so much to do with it; this was a man who was singing and you could immediately tell who it was behind the mic. He could be menacing, emotional, and hard rocking with the same ease and simply sounded like no other.

Doom metal is so much poorer today. Rest in peace, Eric. I hope you are floating in strawberry skies.
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