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The Magus - Βυσσοδομώντας
24.11.2023 | Eclectic black metal

Following Baron Blood's death, The Magus disbanded Necromantia and started a new project to express his musical and mystical journey, aptly called… The Magus. The band’s debut release Βυσσοδομώντας (Vissodomontas), actually meaning ‘building in the abyss’ but also ‘conspiring in darkness’, is a concept album about Lucifer being pissed off at the decline of humanity. The music is dark, diverse, and apocryphal, with choir arrangements by Christos Antoniou (Septicflesh), and it is an eclectic form of black metal that needs repeated listens to fully unpack and grasp. Above all, it is quite theatrical and almost ‘visual’ to the point that when listening to the final track, which is essentially a blues black metal song, it feels as if you can watch the band play in front of you.
Thumbs up: RaduP, ScreamingSteelUS

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