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Municipal Waste - The Art Of Partying

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Release date: 8 June 2007
Style: Crossover thrash metal


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01. Pre-Game
02. The Art Of Partying
03. Headbanger Face Rip
04. Mental Shock
05. A.D.D.(Attention Defecit Destroyer)
06. The Inebriator
07. Lunch Hall Food Brawl
08. Beer Pressure
09. Chemically Altered
10. Sadistic Magician
11. Open Your Mind
12. Radioactive Force
13. Septic Detonation
14. Rigorous Vengeance
15. Born To Party
16. Thrashing Is My Business... And Business Is Good [bonus]
17. I Just Wanna Rock [bonus]

Guest review by
Doc G.
The Art Of Partying. The name says it all, there's no shocks or surprises in this album, what you see is what you get; in-your-face obnoxious crossover Thrash. Simply put, it kicks ass.

Opening up with 'Pre-Game' the mayhem ensues and it doesn't stop for a split second until the end. The mix of hardcore punk and Thrash vocals obviously aren't a high point on this album but they fit the top Speed/Thrash riffs perfectly. The title and the cover art (which is phenomenal by the way) doesn't leave much to the imagination as to what you're going to get. Not a very melodic experience to say the least. Though through the frantic guitar work and the yelling, a really sweet solo usually comes in to show people that there's more to the 'Waste then yelling and noise. Lyrics are another great part of the album, which is a huge surprise. The songs about mindless partying and pretty much destroying yourself actually have some poetic flow to them; "Tonight's the night we finally get to rip this place apart/and this is how we turn your boring party into art!", (yes I know, a very facile rhyme, but its better than a good chunk of hardcore lyrics). Even amongst the songs about partying there seems to be a deeper message; be yourself and do what you want! Even 'Mental Shock' is a song that seems to be a protest to capital punishment.

published 02.10.2007 | Comments (13)

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24.06.2016 - 23:08
Rating: 8

This album is still a lot of fun after not listening to it for a while and its my fav MW album

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