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Icon Of Sin


2020-  Raphael Mendes - vocals
2020-  Sol Perez - guitars
2020-  Caio Vidal - bass
2023-  Marcelo Gelbcke - guitars
2023-  Markos "Narkos" Franzmann - drums
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2020-2022  Mateus Cantaleãno - guitars
2020-2022  Sidnei "CJ" Dubiella - drums
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After a successful debut, Icon Of Sin released their new album Legends this year. The second record is often seen as one of the most important for a band; it is often the one that establishes them and shows that the debut just wasn’t a one-time 'lightning in a bottle' kind of affair. The question is, does Legends deliver?
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Man, that vocalist really loves Bruce Dickinson's style, doesn't he?
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