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Country: USA
Labels: New Standard Elite
Brutal Bands

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Formed in: 1996
Broke up: 2006-2010

1996-Brutal death metal


1996-  Damian Leski - guitars, vocals
2010-  Ryan Saylor - guitars
2010-  Kyle Christman - drums
2010-  Anthony Voight - bass, vocals
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1994-1996  Craig Hafler - drums
1997-2000  Derek Hoffman - drums
2002-2004  Terence Manauis - drums
2005-2008  Mike Flores - bass
2005-2008  Tomasz Pilasiewicz - drums
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2012  James Lee - vocals

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And I just keep finding good Brutal bands, first CBT, then Torsofuck and Severe Torture, now Gorgasm. This recently achieved album differs from the first ones I just mentioned, Gorgasm plays Brutal Death Metal, Torsofuck and CBT are Goregrind bands, but...
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