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1992-  Takeshi Ohtani - bass, guitars, vocals
1992-  Wata - guitars, vocals
1992-1996  Atsuo Mizuno - vocals
› 1996-  -//- drums, vocals
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1992-1996  Nagata - drums
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2007-2013  Michio Kurihara - guitars
2002  Takushi "Maso" Yamazaki - synthesizers
2002  Eddie Legend - guitars
2002  Komi - vocals
2002  Merzbow - noise
2002  Lori S. - vocals
2006  Bill Herzog - upright bass, vocals
2008  Stephen O'Malley - guitars
2011  Ian Astbury - vocals
2011  Yoshiko Kawakita - vocals
2011  Aaron Turner - guitars, loops, vocals
2011  Kensuke Saito - synthesizers
2011  Michio Kurihara - guitars
2011  Faith Coloccia - piano


Latest reviews

We're not entirely honest here. This album's title isn't actually "Heavy Rocks III". Boris just straight up released albums called "Heavy Rocks" three different times. And let me tell you: these rocks are more than heavy!
Review by RaduP ››
The previous Boris album was called "No". This one is called "W". The next one might be called "".
Review by RaduP ››
Boris and Merzbow collaborate so often that they used to have a separate band profile here just for the collabs. Now they team up for a sixth time to say "RIP 2020".
Review by RaduP ››
Am I going to admit to having spent more time than I reasonably hoped to in trying to come up with a joke based on the album's name? NO.
Review by RaduP ››
Over 20 years and 30 albums in, Boris still manage to impress and mesmerize with new material.
Review by Apothecary ››
Ok this is what happens; I received this album over a month ago, I tried it the first time and I liked a lot, the next few times something changed actually, then people began telling me "nah! This album kinda sucks dude, I prefer old Sunn O)))"...
Review by Herzebeth ››
Ever-prolific and ever-changing Japanese power trio Boris has established as one of the top acts from Japan, their eclectic style has gained them a solid reputation among fans, musicians and critics alike for their ability to switch between musical genres...
Review by Undercraft ››
I know many of you either know "Boris" or "Merzbow", and I am also sure that you love at least one of the mentioned bands; for the people who are unfamiliar with those names here's a brief synopsis: both bands are from Japan,...
Review by Herzebeth ››

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