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Country: France
Label: Ultim' Records

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Formed in: 1982
Broke up: 1992-1998
Broke up: 1999-2006

1982- Speed metal
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1982-  Philippe "Phil" Grelaud - vocals
1982-  Didier "Dog" Bouchard - drums
2013-  Julien Rousseau - bass
2015-  Nicklaus Bergen - guitars
2019-  Neo - guitars
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1982-1992  Hervé "Marquis" Tasson - guitars
1982-1999  Deuch - bass
1982-2019  Pascal "Betov" Collobert - guitars
1998-1999  Yves "Louis XV" - guitar
2006-2013  Claude Thill - bass
2006-2015  Bernard-Yves Quéruel - guitar
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Latest reviews

For a band in its fourth decade of existence, ADX sounds surprisingly spry and spirited. No, scratch that - for any band, ADX has a lot of heart, a lot of charisma, and a clear, powerful sound that seems to be quite rare in today's speed and thrash circles.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
Finally the new album of ADX's return is out and all the people who used to listen to this cult French band will be able to see if it was a good idea or not to do this come back. Ten years after their last album "Resurrection", the French...   Review by Jeff ››

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