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2005-  Paolo Colavolpe - vocals
2005-  Matteo Di Gioia - guitar
2006-  Federico Paulovich - drums
2006-  Ralph Salati - guitar
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2005  Fabio Vignati (I) - drums
2005  Marco Tafuri - guitar
2005  Massimo "Max" Raineri - bass
2005-2019  Gabriel Pignata - bass
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2010  Mattias "IA" Eklundh - guitar solo
2014  Ron Thal - guitar solo
2016  Alessandro Rossi - percussion

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Somehow, when labels or people use the moniker 'Modern Metal' to define an album I get a bit nervous, as it's often used to describe some kind of generic metalcore/thrash/indus stuff. When I first encountered this King Is Fat'n'Old,...
Review by Darkside Momo ››
Urban Being is the first album of Destrage, a new band from Milano, Italy. I read at first that the guys play some kind of Death / Thrash Metal and I was a bit afraid to listen to this CD because a lot of bands do that nowadays and rarely propose anything...
Review by Jeff ››

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