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Drowning Pool


1997-  C.J. Pierce - guitars, backing vocals
1997-  Stevie Benton - bass, backing vocals
1997-  Mike Luce - drums, percussion, backing vocals
2012-  Jasen Moreno - vocals
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1999-2002  David Wayne "Dave" Williams - vocals
2002-2005  George Jason "Gong" Jones - vocals
2005-2011  Ryan McCombs - vocals
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2016  John Hetlinger - vocals

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Drowning Pool exploded in 2001 after the release of their debut album Sinner which featured the, still as of today most recognizable song of the band, "Bodies".

Who doesn't remember hits such as "Soldier", "37 Stiches",...
Review by D.T. Metal ››
Chances are you remember Drowning Pool for one of two things, being the band that produced "Bodies" and for featuring Ryan McCombs from Soil at one stage in their career. Deciding to delve deeper and learn more about the band, I gave Sinner...
Review by omne metallum ››

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