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The Devil's Blood


2007-2013  Selim Lemouchi - guitars
2007-2013  Farida Lemouchi - vocals
2008-2013  Job van de Zande - bass
2008-2013  Ron van Herpen - guitars
2011-2013  Micha Haring - drums
2011-2013  Oeds Beydals - guitars
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2007-2011  Sander van Baalen - drums
2008-2011  Thomas Sciarone - guitars
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Retro-esque bands are always a touchy subject. On one hand, you've got the obvious downside; it is quite derivative. On the other hand, when it's done right, you've got a celebration of past greats. There's absolutely nothing wrong with digging up the past, so long as you do it with some creativity and personality. Let's just say The Devil's Blood do it with class; a blatant nod to the past, combined with a little bit of harder-edged modernization and just enough of their own flavour to make it distinct.
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Having to review a good and original album is always a nice thing, even if said record isn't of your favored style(s). Case in point, The Devil's Blood with this The Time Of No Time Evermore (TTONTE for short), and their psychedelic and melodic...
Review by Darkside Momo ››

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