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Country: Poland
Label: Inner Wound Recordings

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Formed in: 2003
Hiatus: 2022-

2003-2006 Heavy metal
2008- Progressive metal


2003-  Adam Kaczmarek - guitars
2003-  Zbigniew Szatkowski - keyboards
2006-  Adam Lukaszek - drums
2006-  Bartek Turkowski - bass
2013-  Piotr Lniany - guitars
2013-  Bartosz Sobieraj - vocals, guitars
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2003-2006  Piotr Umiński - drums
2003-2013  Maciej Kosinski - vocals
2003-2013  Aleksander Salamonik - guitars
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2020  Anneke Van Giersbergen - vocals

Latest reviews

I feel like it's probably considered quite a big thing to get Anneke van Giersbergen to feature on your album, which makes the decision to feature a second version of the song she guests on with her vocals removed on Duhkda a curious one.
Review by musclassia ››
Observing the path of a band's musical growth can be a trying experience, with the truly rewarding moment arriving when they approach the crux of their development. Moments hinting at their full potential are often both fleeting and sparsely scattered, growing increasingly frequent and convincing with each release. Generally speaking, there is a point in every band's discography that one can point to and say, "that's where it happened," a point which arrives after a consequence of steady improvements between releases. As such, Votum's sudden and unexpected maturation came as a welcome surprise. The embodiment of this immense growth and the realisation of the band's potential is their fourth studio release, titled :Ktonik:.
Review by LeKiwi ››
Castrated metal - thy name is Votum.

Making super-melodic metal seems like an incredibly difficult task these days, finding a balance between delicate beauty and being actually metal. Votum manage to pull this balance off really least for the...
Review by Doc G. ››

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